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Facebook killer's former girlfriend Joy Lane says she still loves him: 'He's a good guy'

28 Apr 2017 16:25:00

Filed under: News, US, CrimeBefore Steve Stephens gunned down 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. at random earlier this month and posted the video to Facebook, he asked his victim to repeat the name "Joy Lane."Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Beyoncé and WTRMLN WTR announce exciting new product on anniversary of 'Lemonade'

28 Apr 2017 16:23:00

Filed under: Lifestyle, Food, Food & DrinkWho could forget April 23, 2016, when Beyoncé shook the entire world by serving up an ice cold glass of 'Lemonade'?Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


1 daily habit that could have disastrous effects on your memory, science says

28 Apr 2017 16:20:00

Filed under: Finance, Careers, Work LifeIt could age your brain faster and slow down your memory.Got a sweet tooth? You might want to reconsider your habit of reaching for a soda to get you through that late-afternoon slump.More From Elon Musk's 6 Habits for Staying Insanely ProductiveYour brain on sugar.Raising the diet soda alarm.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Gwen Stefani reportedly ruptured her eardrum, cancels Las Vegas performance

28 Apr 2017 16:18:00

Filed under: Entertainment, Music, Music NewsGwen Stefani has reportedly ruptured her eardrum.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


White House Correspondents' Dinner won't have same draw this year as Trump, others skip

28 Apr 2017 16:16:00

Filed under: News, Politics, White HouseThe White House Correspondents' Association dinner on April 29 is expected to have a very different tone than the fancy, celebrity-filled events from previous years.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


How former 'Baywatch' beauty Donna D'Errico got her beach body back

28 Apr 2017 16:04:00

Filed under: Entertainment, Celebrity, Celebrity NewsDonna D'Errico appeared to have returned to her Baywatchera when she posed in a skimpy red swimsuit on the beach, but how did she do it?Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Thai baby's murder on Facebook: The missing hours before video was removed

28 Apr 2017 16:01:00

Filed under: News, World News, CrimePHUKET, Thailand, April 28 (Reuters) - A relative of the Thai baby whose murder was shown on Facebook Live earlier this week said he was too distraught and intent on getting police to the crime scene to worry about getting the horrific videos taken down.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Sharp frosts damage French wine production

28 Apr 2017 15:39:00

Filed under: News, World News, EconomicsBORDEAUX (Reuters) - Sharp spring frosts are damaging production in some of France's most famous winemaking regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, posing a threat to growers' incomes.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Fyre Festival fraud: Ja Rule breaks his silence on disastrous music festival

28 Apr 2017 15:32:00

Filed under: Entertainment, Music, Music NewsJa Rule has broken his silence on his shockingly disastrous music festival, Fyre Festival.Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments


Precious baby rhino won't stop following her mom around

28 Apr 2017 15:25:00

Filed under: News, Animals, Science & TechIt's a girl!Read more... Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments

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